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Mar, 2024

Mandatory Evaluation Schedule/Sign Up

All players who are league age 7+ must attend at least one evaluation.  Players will then be placed in the division that best matches their skill level.  

Players who do not attend an evaluation are NOT eligible for majors divisions or higher, and may risk not being placed in the division that best suits their skill. Additionally, any player who does not attend an evaluation will not be eligible for Allstars.

All players league age 7+ will need to attend a mandatory evaluation.


Saturday March 9 (rain date March 10) held at the Mitchell College multi-purpose field. Park near the Mitchell Woods Little League fields and walk back to the multi-purpose field.
9:00 - 9:30AM Age 7-9
9:30 - 10:00AM Age 7-9
10:00-10:30AM Age 10-13
10:30-11:00AM Age 10-13
11:00-11:30AM Age 7-9
11:30-12:00PM Age 10-13

Wednesday March 13 held at Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School Gymnasium.
5:30-6:00PM Age 7-9
6:00-6:30PM Age 7-9
6:30-7:00PM Age 10-13
7:00-7:30PM Age 10-13
7:30-8:00 Age 7-9
8:00-8:30 Age 10-16

Players who were rostered on a majors baseball team in 2024 do not need to attend an evaluation.  These players will remain on their team from the 2024 season.  These teams were: the Pirates and the Nationals.  

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